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Cisne Psychological Services, LLC


Hello and welcome, 

In cultures around the world, swans are often considered to be symbolic of personal transformation, of wisdom, and of perseverance.  In Spanish, the word for swan is Cisne (pronounced: sees-neh). 

Cisne Psychological Services offers individual therapy for adults ages 18 and older.  Services aim to support and facilitate your desired personal, behavioral, and mental wellness goals. Sessions are available in both English and/or Spanish.



The section below outlines my areas of expertise, services offered, and services I do not provide. For more information about about my background, training, or experience please click on the link below.



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Eckart Werther, Ph.D., M.S.W.

-Areas of Expertise-

- I can assist with the following presenting concerns: Anxiety, trauma, stress, men's issues, depression, burnout, focus/concentration, decision making, relational  difficulties & with life transition issues.


- I have extensive experience working with men, veterans, fire personnel, as well as with issues related to race, ethnicity, acculturation, & immigration.

I Do Not provide the following services:

- Couples, Marital, or Family Counseling

- Parental fitness, child custody, or visitation assessments

- Court mandated therapy or assessments

- Treatment for addictions, substance abuse, or eating disorders (when it is the primary focus of treatment)

- Letters for Service Animal/Emotional Support

- Letters for mask/vaccine exemptions

- Work compensation or fitness-for-duty assessments

- Assessments/Letters for Surgical Procedures



Practice Areas
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